Wednesday, May 27, 2015

happy 7th girlies

cam had a few favorite friends for some birthday fun
we did nails watched princess movies and went out to eat at ruby tuesdays.  
the girls felt so grown up.  

julia, sarah, cam, kam and emily

welcome 3 and 7

the two cutest birthday girls around.  
how lucky am i to have these two girlies almost share a birthday. 
and they love to celebrate together.  

2nd grade crew

getting awards with this cute crew of fans

skylar katie and b were a fabulous crew

jake, b, james katie and caroline

birthday fun

celebrating caty's birthday skating cat style

ice skating acc style

when you are still out of school for snow but sooo sick of playing in it-
you grab your friends and do something else cold.  because why not.  

jake, braden, jyn, james jackson
photobomber- lori

to stay entertained while eating- ems grabbed some selfless with taylor and samantha  
little 3 yo stinker!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

8 days off

the kids thought it was the best few weeks ever to get 8 days off of school.
the whole hood came out to play.
the kids were in and out as much as they could handle to play together. 

ems and livi

jake andrew braden jackson owen liv and ems

cam cadence and ems

kelly, merideth, lori, maggie and i

jake samantha caroline and cam

the crew

the moms that make it happen

maggie and livi

julia and cam

jackson and owen

all good fun comes to a frozen end.  In NC all snow storms get rained on and turn to ice

Monday, May 25, 2015

bahamas here we come

It was hard to pick the favorite highlights of this fab trip.  It was chilly but the kids had a great time!
A few of the favs

the kids love love loved playing kissing a petting dolphins.  I mean does it get any better?  
poor ems was a bit small for this one so she got stuck hanging.

beach time.  even if the water is chilly- the sun was shining and there
is something so magical about playing on the beach.

we took a special boat excursion to a private part of the island for the dolphins and beach time

our boat.  its big!

hanging in the holes.  we couldn't hang here long.  watching the water made us a 
bit sea sick :)  but it was too fun to pass up 

we rented bikes and did our own bike tour.  
loved this!  the whole crew had so much fun. 

the kids also loved the game rooms and kids rooms.  
there was a super fun room they could check into to play.  it took a while for us to 
convince them to go- and then they couldn't believe they didn't get to play there more.  
next time

and everyone loved the fun dinners especially pirate night.  
there were way to many "arrrrs" going on that night.  After dinner we got to catch 
a disney musical which was so much fun.  everyone loved the shows

till next time!  just wasn't long enough